Shipping & Returns


Acceptance of Delivery

Any order may be taken into consideration, if it fulfills the general conditions of sales despite an opposite statement into our clients’ general conditions of purchase.

Each order recorded and confirmed which will not be modified within 24 hours (working day) after the confirmation date, will be taken as definitive and may not be cancelled, unless the buyer pays a fixed indemnity of 20% of the amount before taxes of his order.



The shipment is under the recipient’s responsibility even if the carriage is paid by the sender. In case of delay, miss or damage, the recipient should turn against the carrier, responsible for that. The recipient may not pay Manex France with delay because of those kind of problems.


Delays of Delivery

All times and/or dates given by the Company relating to the goods, are intended as best estimated only and shall under no circumstances give the right to the buyer to cancel a sale, to refuse the products or to claim on damages and interests and/or late payment penalties.

The Company Manex France may not be responsible for the non respect of a deal, in case of force majeure (strike, disaster, suppliers delivery delay, machine breakdown, national or international economic limitations), or any unpredicted events.


Return of Products

The buyer shall not be entitled to return the goods unless he has firstly notified the Company and thereafter returns them within 7 days undamaged and carriage paid. Their acceptation will be definitive after our checking. Specific orders as placed by our clients are neither taken back nor exchanged. An additional cost of 20% will be added for the storage of all the items resent within 30 days, passing this delay, the items will not be accepted, unless we made the error.